Curious question for people who cut weight on Keto

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    Let me bang mang
    Just a question to those on keto who compete in combat sports, or any weight classed sport in the topic of cutting (water manipulation)

    I'm not on keto, but like most, when cutting I end up switching to a bastardization of keto on cut week. When we re-hydrate it's basically a carb refeed day.

    For the people on Keto, since carbs are kept at an absolute minimum, what's the difference? You're not re-feeding carbs, do you just end up eating the same as you have been, while keeping the same re-hydration rules (high sodium to retain water, recovery of other electrolytes that was dumped during the process of the cut)
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    Some may still refeed.
    Imo Its a benefit if you water cut during fight week to add carbs to help rehydrate and replenish (dextrose plus creatine plus electrolytes).

    Alternatively, if powdered gatorade is not your thing...look up which carbs have less fiber while having a lower thermic effect of feeding plus higher on GI. This will increase likelihood of being stored as glycogen thus restoring water.

    If you are in deep ketosis it wont kick you out for long enough to matter, and you can add more carbs.

    Some dont however. They just simply add water and eat normal keto plus some electrolytes. Some feel the carbs may interfere with metabolic pathways, i have found a single day doesnt interfere for myself. If i went a few days im sure my energy substrate preference may be hindered and thus screw up my game plans.

    Also, depends on the style of fighter you are. High energy with lower power per se may benefit more from keto. Ko punchers will probably want their carbs and only do keto week leading to fight. Ive never found once keto adapted (8 to 12 weeks) ive been hindered in any field.

    If you have any more specific Qs msg me or sinister. I find its the simplest things that ppl mess up on keto, whether its a simple cut or a lifestyle IE eat da bacon and salami avoid the carrot type.
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