Crowds at live events

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May 12, 2010
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I've never been to a live event, but was wondering from anybody that has could I get a little insight into what type of people attend these events.
I'm always pumped to watch an event on tv live, on here weeks before reading different perspectives really getting in the mood. But then the event comes around and I always feel let down by the crowd, not always (Brazilian and sometimes Canadian fans don't seem so bad) but the level of disinterest and apathy these 'fans' appear to have just drives me crazy, booing of jds pissed me off no end post fight. Whether its total silence or disrespectful booing I just don't get it, I don't mind booing a snoozefest as these fans did pay good money, but it usually seems to go beyond that
Hate to liken it to pro wrasslin but a hot audience can really transcend an event to a real special feeling affair, just watch silva in brazil or gsp in Canada, the atmosphere really gives that epic feeling.
So yeah, has anyone attended? What's the ratio of real fans to blow ins? What type of person does event attract?
it depends on the venue... vegas had good crowds.. some other cities are filled with annoying drunks...
Theyre not worse than NFL crowds or college football
I`ve been to the first UFC Rio. I was far far away from the octagon, but it was still an awesome experience. My wife also really enjoyed it. We went with another couple. The guy was a casual fan and his girlfriend probably never watched mma before in her life. They both really enjoyed it.
In Brazil people tend to boo foreigners a lot, which I dislike, but it seems to be getting better in recent events.
The crowd chanting for the brazilian fighters is awesome though. Paulo Thiago`s entrance, and the crowd reaction to the victories of Shogun and Big Nog were all awesome. Overall it was a great experience.

Also any mma crowd is more polite than a soccer crowd in Brazil, so our standards for crowds are pretty low for that particular subject. Apathy is never gonna be a problem here though. We are noisy noisy people.
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I've never been, but I have my doubts. I don't think I could handle all the idiots booing for stupid reasons
I love the atmoshpere.... The time in between fights just sucks
Is it a case of the atmosphere not coming across on tv, do/should the ufc mic the crowd?
Saturday was just weird normally the Vegas crowd is very good compared to some venues out there but I dunno they were prolly still just pissed about the leben fight
Lot of dudes.

Some drunks.

Some hot bitches, but mainly the fake look.

Worst Ive heard was "Okay, now kiss and stand up!" and "Get up and fight like a man pussy!"
Only been to GSP/Condit but the crowd there was amazing. Seeing a GSP fight in his hometown is definitely something that needs to be crossed off any MMA fans bucket list. Thought the building was going to collapse when GSP walked out. There was lots of chants, about every 30 seconds I'd say. Every now and then you'd hear someone drunkenly yell some French swear words which was actually pretty funny if you understood them. There was definitely a buzz there that you just can't describe, everybody was giddy as hell