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Jan 9, 2006
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Just wondering if anybody around here follows any of the Crossfit WODs. As it stands now, I'm following a 5x5/Crossfit Hybrid, and enjoy it very much. Just figured since most people around here fall into two groups (pure strength or pure athleticism), I'd ask and see if anybody implements any Crossfit into their normal schedule.
I wouldnt follow it every day, but I have goten many good ideas and workouts from their site.
I've been doing (trying) them more and more. I just started last month, but don't follow the WOD's everyday. I suck at them bad when I see what everyone else posts.

They definitely give you some good ideas for new/varied exercises or workouts.

By the way did you see Chuck Liddell in the WOD photo for january 8th? They even list BJ Penn in there, but can't find crossfit on his web site anywhere.

FYI - I don't train any MMA or plan to fight, I just do the WOD's for general fitness.
i dunno, i like to stick with a fixed routine for at least awhile, and switch em every so often. but having a different workout everyday seems kinda etchy
crossfit is a very general program for increasing base level GPP

if you have any other fitness goals besides general fitness, then it would be wise to educate yourself and tailor a program to your own needs
there is also a pic on there somewhere of paul buentello doin a WOD
Asside from the complete lack of specificity, I don't like it cause there's no clear way to guage progress.
the main thing i dont like is the lack of core workouts,being a big fan of ross enamaits books i wont switch over. crossfit always says there good cause its general conditionin,but i KNOW ross books are for combat athletes so i have faith in them,plus ive grown to love burpees
Urban said:
Asside from the complete lack of specificity, I don't like it cause there's no clear way to guage progress.

I can't believe I'm going to disagree with Urban.

I'm no staunch defender of Crossfit. IMHO, they do as much wrong as they do right. However, I give them props for constantly enforcing the "time dynamic" in their workouts. In other words, many of the workouts are timed so as to decrease the amount of time to do the workout ("Fran" comes to mind), or to do more work (sets) in a given amount of time ("Helen" comes to mind). They also do those gay ass max effort days (5,3,2,2,1,1,1,1,1...or some shit like that).

So, I'd argue that they do have some guidelines to measure progress through the time element, as well as the fact that they want you to move up your maxes on certain key lifts.

Having said that...if you ever want the biggest fucking laugh of your life then go to the Crossfitlive website and download the audio interviews. The Greg Glassman and "women of Crossfit" interviews are classic examples of why people call them a cult. They hardly talk about training at all...they basically sit around and call each other "fitness legends", and Glassman thinks that anyone who doesn't do Crossfit has "character issues".

It's a neat program, but at the end of the day 90% of their most vocal proponents are nothing but brainwashed sheep. They make the Dragondoor comrades seem well-adjusted by comparison.