Cross-trainer as alternative to running?


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Jun 11, 2004
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I find that I get really bad stitches when running. I've looked for info on stitches, but it seems no one really knows exactly what causes them? If anyone has any info I'd be greatful to hear it.

My question is though, would using the cross-trainer be as effective for a cardio workout as running? I tend to do 20mins using sprint intervals of 1min sprint, 1min rest and also 20secs sprint, 10secs rest.
what s a stich? a pain in your lower abdomen after running a while? if that s the case you re just out of shape and need to run more to get rid of it. Running is the mother of all sports, you may supplement it by cross work but can t replace it with anything.
Cheers for the link Superbeast.

miniaq, I'm not out of shape so that isn't the reason for it.