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Crocop fans - when did you accept CC was done as a top fighter?


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Mar 24, 2012
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I was stubborn, it took Schaub for me to admit it. I rationalized the JDS fight as a close loss to an up and coming stud, and Mir as a fluke KO against one of the best HW's, and let the Al-Turk, Perosh and Barry wins give me hope. Don't know if Schaub is a nice guy IRL and this would be kind of messed up if he is, but I take pleasure in seeing him KTFO by the Big trio (Country, Nog, and Ben). When did you admit CC's days at the top were finished?
After Randleman KTFO him.
I think the Schaub fight was the nail in the coffin for most of us.
had my doubts after the overeem and kongo fights. pretty much crystallized after the barry fight.
After the 06 GP. He actually said he would retire if he didn't win. Passion was long gone before he came to the UFC.
The Mir KO was the final nail on the coffin. I didn't think he was gonna be champ before that fight though, so as for those title hopes probably the JDS fight since he lost to a fellow striker...again.
If it took you until deep in his second stint in the UFC, you need help.
Eddie sanchez I think was his name. Cro cop resembled a rickety old lion whose gummy mouth could hardly chew the helpless lamb it was thrown
Once he entered the UFC I realized he could not realistically be ranked as a top 10 HW. The competition was simply too deep.

Oh, you said Crocop fans. NVM
When he went to a "push him away" strategy instead of striking.

I held on way too long with CC, for nostalgia reasons.
When he lost to Kongo, I knew that was the end of Cro Cop as I knew him. :icon_cry2
That will never happen.