Cro Cop's post UFC Career is the exact right way to go for HWs a little past their best

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Concrete Whale, Jan 1, 2017.

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    And I do wish more camps would take a harder line with their fighters and direct them to do the same. It's true for all weight classes, but especially HWs and I've been saying this for years. HWs especially because their names are much bigger, they have more drawing power, and they are getting hit a lot harder and their careers are longer. There are a lot of great, entertaining HWs who might be a little out of their depth in the UFC (Jordan, Mitrione, Struve), and that point comes in everyone's career when they have just lost a step compared to where they used to be and they start to lose fights that they would have won a couple of years ago (Mir, Crocop, Nelson).

    Well Struve isn't great but he is very tall and provides a spectacle. Especially if his opponent will engage on the ground. Now, instead of just getting sent out there to take heavy damage / get KTFO against top opposition over and over again, these fighters' teams need to be sending them to some slightly smaller orgs, there are plenty, Rizin and Bellator are the biggest at the moment. There they will be well looked after, top billing, big money, legit matchups that stretch them without overmatching them and they can carry on their careers in a positive manner.

    And hey if they are happy to take semi squash matches I don't think there's anything wrong with that - they have paid their dues they are putting on a show, entertaining the audience and showing what they are capable of and giving a big boost to the name value of their opponent and raising up the whole card.

    Crocop is on a 7 fight win streak inside the distance now, 8-1 since leaving the UFC.
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    The problem I think is really that the UFC has so much control and they view these older names as a stepping stones rather than looking out for them. You look at Mirko's second UFC run for example and they really didn't sign up off the back off impressive results in Dream(looked terrible vs Overeem for example), I think they clearly signed him as someone to get "get over" over HW's.
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    Hopefully Cro Cop comes back juice to the gills, LHK's the Champ in their Champ junk, tests positive, gets banned by USADA, rinse, repeat, and do it all over again.
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    That'd be nice, but most fighters really wanna be the best.

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