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    me: 23y/o male, 5'6, 165lbs, past history of sports and weight lifting. fairly inactive the past 2 years.

    goals: EAT HEALTHY...well duh :D start weight lifting at my house - squats, pull ups, deadlift, military press, bench, dynamic rows, etc 3 times a week(should have all the equipment i need in a week to start lifting at home). gain strength and loose some of the fat in the midsection ive acquired in the past 2 years.

    past couple weeks ive been trying to get a good daily routine down as far as my diet goes

    5:20/6:20am (depends if i go into work early)
    2 or 3 scrambled eggs with baby spinach, onion, green peppers mixed in. 1 or 2 slices of multi grain toast. 1 cup juice with heaven sent essentials(liquid) multi vitamin mixed in.

    some sort of organic cereal(normally has lots of fiber and some flax in it) with some soy milk.

    turkey and cheese sandwich on multigrain bread, baby spinach, brown mustard, onion.

    banana or yogurt

    some sort of snack...toast, apple, banana, or yogurt

    dinner is a bit of a toss up...most of the time my dad is cooking dinner i normally have whatever hes cooking which is normally fairly healthy and i try to keep my portions in check.
    if nothing is prepared ill make a salad with some turkey or ham thrown on top with balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

    10:00-11:00 bedtime
    tall glass of milk with a couple pieces of turkey

    note: this is kind of a loose routine i go by. i often times mix it up a little but try to keep it equally healthy. throughout the day i eat mixed nuts or just straight almonds or throw in some fruit of some kind. once i begin lifting ill be supplementing some sort of whey protein.

    any input or advice would be appreciated! remember id like for my diet to compliment my lifting routine ill be starting.

    edit: forgot to mention i take two fish oil capsules with breakfast and 2 with dinner
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    Read the F&Q then try again

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