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Critique my diet please

Discussion in 'Dieting / Supplement Discussion' started by Now, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Now White Belt

    Sep 7, 2010
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    EDIT: I just discovered precisionnutrition.com and I fear that this writeup was a waste of time.
    You may still comment if you want to but I will be making a lot of changes anyway.

    Mods: You may delete this topic. I cant find the button.

    Hey all,

    not sure if this is supposed to go into "diet logs", if so please move it. Its not really a log but an outline of how I plan on behaving in the future. So here it goes:

    Ive been training boxing and MMA for around 6 months now, doing some strenght&conditioning
    throughout the time and now its time to take things more seriously.

    Im 23 years old, 155lb at 6"1 and my goals are strenght and conditioning gains because I
    will compete eventually. I train 5x a week technique/sparring and only train for strenght and
    conditioning when my body allows it.
    I dont smoke or drink and usually get 8 - 9hrs of sleep a day. I dont eat dairy and soya, virtually
    no refined sugar and I buy organic produce when I can.

    My breakfast consists of freshly (the previous evening) ground spelt, oats, coriander, rye, wild rice, sesame, barley, flax, ***opyrum and
    walnut, hazelnut, raisins, cocochips, linseed oil and an apple. I add grain-milk-cream and honey.
    Then a 20g ON Whey shake with water.


    3x 1g Fish Oil (180/120)
    1x 5,5g Creatine monohydrate with grape juice
    1x 800mg Beta Alanine
    1x 500mg Carnitine-L-Tartrate
    1x 2000IU D3

    2-3 hours later I will have a snack, whole grain bread with poultry usually and some fruit.

    2x 1g Fish Oil
    1x 800mg BA
    1x GNC Maximum Greens Ultra Mega Green alternating with Nature's Plus - Ultra Source Of Life No Iron

    Lunch I have no control over when Im at work. I havent yet decided if Im going to bring my
    own meals in the future. What do you guys suggest? At work its the usual stuff of a small
    sized cantine.
    The big upside is that Im a cook, so it wouldnt be much of a problem to heat stuff
    that I brought. Im thinking whole grain pasta/rice with veggies or a little meat and a 30g ON casein shake.

    2-3 hours later another snack or pre-workout shake (15g whey) and a banana.

    2x 1g Fish Oil
    1x 800mg BA
    1x 500mg CLT
    1x 5,0g Creatine monohydrate with grape juice

    PWO 30g ON Whey with 45g maltodextrin and a fruit.

    And in the evening Ill have bread with margarine and some meat, some salad or raw veggies and a piece of fruit.

    3x 1g Fish Oil
    1x 800mg BA
    1x 2g Chondroitin
    1x 2000IU D3

    Before bedtime I will have a 50g casein, ZMA and Gaba.

    In the end Im hoping to have

    10,5g Creatine
    3,2g BA
    3g EPA/DHA
    2g Chondroitin
    1g CLT
    4000IU D3
    and all essential minerals and vitamins

    When starting with the creatine I will definitely plan one strenght/lifting workout per week with proper
    rest before and after, so I can capitalize fully on the effects.

    All comments are welcome and I apologize for the strange capitalization. Im German and only realizing it now, but
    too lazy to correct it.


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