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cracked wavemaster ?



i have a wavemaster standup bag that has cracked at the top of the base (at the seam). has anyone had this problem, if so, how did you stop the crack from moving down the seam.
im gonna fill it w/ sand but dont know if that alone will prevent the crack from spreading.
Yes, this is a pretty common occurence. The good new is that you can cut off the top of the plastic part and send it back to Century and they'll replace the base. They have a lifetime warranty on the plastic bases. I've returned a lot, but we use our bags a lot at my academy.

thanks do you need any proof of purchase. does their web site have any info on this policy or should i e-mail them.
I believe that you needed to fill out the warranty card that they send with the bag, so they have you on file. They tend to work with the customer alot, so give them a call. It won't be a surprise for them, I'm sure.

Good luck,