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May 16, 2008
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I posted this in another thread but being as it is probably the realest shit I've ever written on here, I am making a thread out of it because I'd like to hear some responses.

I read The Game a couple of years ago and have been picking up a lot of women ever since. My father never really taught me how to get girls so I had to go learn on my own, and the book was a helpful tool. Fucking all of those girls was really fun and I felt cool being able to do it, it helped my confidence immensely. But I took it too seriously, and ultimately I'm left wishing that I would've spent all that time doing something more real, like actually trying to make a relationship work, finding love or going to school. Basically now I'm this guy:

Originally Posted by Da Speeit
I think anyone who needs attention from the opposite sex as a way to substantiate themselves is pretty broken and probably has very little to offer the world.

So do i think they're losers? Maybe, but i think it's much deeper than social constraints. There's probably some fucked up wiring in their head that is compelling them to constantly seek attention in the form of romance.

...and it really fucking makes me sad.

I should probably mention that I used to be chubby in HS so I was never used to getting any attention from girls. I was a virgin until I was 19, I'm 21 now and I've had sex with 23 women in the meantime. When I suddenly became very handsome and girls started fawning over me, I was so fucking stoked about it that I let it completely consume me and pussy became my #1 priority in life; above education, money, love, my future, my friends, my family. I feel like I'm wasting my life chasing girls when I should be chasing life.

I'd also like to add that I don't lie about myself or trick girls, I rely on my charm and wit, but I'd be lying if I said that having a real solid Negging game didn't help me out a lot.

Any other posters have this experience or feel this way about themselves? The new year has me feeling very introspective.
Never put the pussy on a pedestal.

Your ability to swoon women doesn't make you a better person nor should it validate your existence.

That being said, sex is good haha.
I got that book have not read it does it really help that much?
*says the man in the leather zipper mask. This thread may be fun when it is moved to the OT.
Ted Bundy didn't slow down at number 23, and neither should you.
lol, you're 21 years old. life is just beginning.

if you're not happy then set some useful goals and achieve them.
Cool book, but not necessarily something to live your life by.

Also, do you even lift?
This is like one of those passive ways of bragging. "Oh woe is me! I get laid too much and have options! My life is a mess!"

And yes, I'm jealous.
I like American Horror Story, big deal.

It's just a joke dude. I find it more amusing you're named after this guy.

It's no big deal, you're young. If you want to change, you will.
This is like one of those passive ways of bragging. "Oh woe is me! I get laid too much and have options! My life is a mess!"

And yes, I'm jealous.

1. If I wanted to brag I'd post pics.

2. I guess I'm just depressed. Waking up in detox this morning with two black eyes and a fat lip and no recollection of last night didn't help.

3. Happy New Years