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Cotto vs Gomez plus Cintron vs Margarito2 Tonight on HBO


Gold Belt
Sep 1, 2002
Reaction score
Miguel Cotto 146.5 vs. Alfonso Gomez 147
Kermit Cintron 146.5 vs. Antonio Margarito 146.5
Don Mouton 164 vs. Omar Coffi 165
Andres Ledesma 123 vs.jesus Rojas 122.5
Roberto Irrizarry 162 vs.ronny Vargas 159
Angel David Gonzalez 163.5 vs. Richard Pierson 161
Olvin Meija 126 vs. Luis Cruz 125

Here we got a great welterweight twinbill and once again my eyes are on the first tv bout of the night. Cintron/Margarito 2 should be a very evenly matched war. Couple of years ago when they first met, Cintron was being hailed as the future king of the devision, but Margarito exposed him for being a wide puncher not quite ready for primetime. Since then Cintron has looked great in claiming a belt for himselt and Margarito got beat down by Paul Williams. However, in their last fights Margarito looked great in crushing Golden Johnston and Cintron hurt his hand in his war with Jessie Felleciano. These 2 fighters know how much is at stake as the winner gets a huge pay this summer as he faces Cotto should Cotto win tonight.

Puerto Rican star Cotto gets a soft fight here after his tough fights with Judah and Mosely. He faces the popular "Contender" Gomez. And while no one is doubting Gomez's heart or punching volume he will be seriously outgunned. Many see this as a big mismatch, but it could be fun for a few rounds before Cotto takes control and puts down a beating. Fights on at 10, what a great night for boxing.
My head is going to explode with all the fights I'm looking forward to tonight.
This thread died quickly, I would have thought more interest would be had on the HBO card tonight, here are a few early results

Middleweight Richard Pierson (7-1, 4 KOs) won a six round unanimous decision over Angel David Gonzalez (6-5-1, 3 KOs) by scores of 59-56, 59-56, 59-55.

Featherweight Luis Cruz (5-0, 3 KOs) took a tough six round unanimous decision over Olvin Meija (3-2-1, 3 KOs) by scores of 58-56 on all cards.
There's plenty of discussion on this already.
Margarito vs Cintron best fight of the night imo, I think he's gonna stop Cintron again.
all the cards againt gomez but i hope he can give us a fight
Not now, this Dawson /Johnson fight is awesome.
Heres to Cotto scoring a first round KO and then calling out Mayweather to quit ducking him.
I hate to change the subject, but if pbf beats ODLH next fall, who would pbf fight next if not Cotto?
I hate to change the subject, but if pbf beats ODLH next fall, who would pbf fight next if not Cotto?

He's talked about a rematch with Hatton

And I suddenly got an image of him facing Trinidad at 154 if Tito gets back into some form of shape.

Both could well be more tempting for PBF than Cotto
damn, pretty big slam of mayweather by merchant