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Contribute to my zine. Biggest mistakes for beginners.

Kenny from MD

Less angry than before.
Apr 24, 2007
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Im keeping things kinda hush about what Im working on right now, but its going to be free and cool.
What Id like to do is compile a list of the biggest mistakes for beginners. Never letting go of the gullotine, even from mount. The death grip from bottom side control. Stuff like that.

Also if you own a gym, or promote events and tournaments please feel free to send me a PM.
leaving arms out extended. most of the experienced guys use beginners to practice their armbars.

it is seriously like dangling a cupcake in front of a fat kid, they just can't resist going for the armbar
using strength instead of technique.

gassing out because they are not comfortable.

Both arms in or both arms out. Maintain posture. Secure the position, then look for the submission. Always tap if you feel the hold is tight. Save the fancy shit for the movies or until you have years of experience, flying armbars and triangles are sure ways to make yourself look stupid when you fuck up, land bad and wind yourself.
Americana from within the full guard. Virtually every single new guy that I've met has tried it.
crossing the ankles from rear mount

wrestling with their arms out instead of tight

trying to choke people from inside someone's guard


trying to pass the guard without establishing any sense of posture whatsoever

not keeping their chin down

rolling over when they upa/bridge thus giving up the back

trying to pull someone's arm into an armlock/triangle by pulling on the wrist rather than cupping the back of the elbow for control

expecting results to come quickly.
Don't play top game all the time if your a big guy...the guard is fun.
Not listening
Too big of an ego
Trying to teach other white belts
Trying to "win" rolls instead of work on technique

Working on the crazy x guard sweep (or whatever) you learned on the internet instead of what your instructor just taught you

Laying flat on your back in guard
panicing when they get into a bad position and spazzing out.

always looking to win every roll, instead of focusing on improving technique and trying new techniques and strategies
from a beginner:

not wearing a shirt when you roll, especially on your first day. theres nothing worse than having some douche bag waltz in to your gym without a shirt on, flexing and making a scene while wearing PE shorts from 4th grade. 10 minutes later, hes trying to break your guard by slamming you into the mat and getting his musty man moisture all over you. :mad:
quitting mid-roll b/c they've gassed out. that shit is wack. be a man and give your opponent the opportunity to get a sub. i've had a new guy quit mid-roll just b/c i mounted him. fucking wack.
Don't play top game all the time if your a big guy...the guard is fun.

I've got the opposite problem, We always start from our knees and I'm to lazy to bother wrestling there so I just pull guard.

On topic, crossing your feet when you have their back is something that alot of new guys do, including myself, but once someone makes you pay for it once, you don't (hopefully) do it again.
Frodo mentioned the most common (kimura from inside the guard)

My advice would be to keep your hands on your opponents body when in the guard not on the floor.
When stuck on the bottom. Instead of trying you power your opponent off of you with pushing and pulling, just relax and easily move your own body away. Make your own space.
Being more concerned with not getting subbed than improving their position when rolling.

This is usually caused by:
Gaging progress solely by how often you have to tap.