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Mar 18, 2008
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i have there white shorts with the hand print on the back and i just have to tell you these shorts are pretty nice. They allow great range of motion for kicks and bjj due to the flex strip, they are also light weight and seemed thin witch i thought might be a problem but they are still doing fine no rips.One thing i felt was a problem was the weak stiching in them, there was a couple loose strings but i fixed them, but thats been it. Been through the wash quite a few times and still looks great. They are also true to size.

anyone else have any good/bad expieriences?
I've seen a couple of bad reviews on other sites. Basically, they thought the designs were nice, but didn't like the velcro/closure system.

I like some of the designs, but not the hand-print shorts personally.
oh yea good reminder the closure system on these are quite annoying buy my gf gave to me for valentines and the looks almost outweight the annoyances
They do look like cool shorts, but I can't get over the name of the company. I don't think its a good representation of the sport. But thats just my perspective.
Just to update you on quantity, the white models followed shortly by black sold out very quickly. CK is trying to get them reproduced as quickly as possible and hopefully we will have a lot more in stock this type around.

They are definitely a love/hate item and they are definitely unlike anything else!
You maybe right about the name, but you gotta remember its mainly/ or started as a PAintball gear company hence the name...for paintball its pretty badass lol. eh Either way i usually like there designs..:icon_chee
their paintball company went out of business i think
i love the bandana shorts except for the back where it says somethin like knuckle up because i promise you will is that? haha
i have a pair of these...the design is cool, but the quality is not worth $55
Definitely makes sense for a paintball company, not so much for mma though. I'd buy em if I did paintball more than once a year, hehe.
yea i like them alot and use them for more around the house, but i would pick my sprawls over these, even my truth's to be honest

but I love the design,they just need to work out some quality issues, and fix the velcro system
Are you fucking kidding me? With the fake blood spatter? You'd have to pay me to wear those.
Look like someone just got their Period on ur shorts...
damn that was a zinger, you made me spit up my drink, well that is just my opinion on the looks everyone has diffrent taste, alot of people in my class liked them and complemented so i guess it's just whaever floats your boat