Continuing 5/3/1 after an appendectomy


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Dec 11, 2005
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Well I had emergency surgery yesterday morning for an appendectomy. I have two weeks to recover as it's not that big of a procedure because it didn't rupture. When I get back under the bar. How should I restart my 5/3/1 program? I was thinking of taking 85% of my last rep PR to restart when I'm healed. Advice?
Talk to your doctor and see how you feel once you get under the bar. Those are the only two sources of information that will give you any worthwhile insight.
It's impossible to answer your question without knowing specifics (as in, your level, how close you were to stalling, etc).

In general, after having to take time off for something like a surgery, I'd just do a couple of weeks of linear progression to see how your body is dealing with it and how quickly you return to the territory of your previous numbers before getting into a 4-week periodization program like 5/3/1.
I had just reset my press and bench 1 and 2 cycles ago, respectively. My deadlift was close to stalling with a PR at 455 and my squat was still going strong at a PR of 430.

I guess it sounds like doing a 4 week progression before hitting 5/3/1 again is what will be best.
Just start slow with it. Make sure that youre healed, and then jump back into it. You may need to adjust your training weights, but if you programmed them correctly, you shouldnt need to do much, if any changing.
I'm feeling back to normal. I haven't been under the bar in 3 weeks but I plan on returning to my training Monday. Any tips on how to approach the programming? I was thinking either just resetting everything back to be safe or resetting the weights back two to three cycles. Thoughts?
I would reset a couple cycles to be safe. If everything is healed up you will be back to the weights you previously were hitting soon. Think of it as a Deload.
When I had my appendix removed I was pretty ginger in my abdomen for quite awhile. I would start really light after a week or two and see how it feels to work up again.
I'd start out with deload percentages and see how you feel.