Conspiracy Theory with Jessie Ventura


Feb 16, 2010
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Anyone watch this show? I have to admit I find it pretty entertaining some of the things they investigate.

On the most recent episode they were investigating what were called "TI's" aka targeted individuals, who apparently have been targeted by the U.S. government and are being tormented with technology that sends voices in your head.

They can do it to you anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Apparently this technology is well known in the military and has been used in several wars, and now they are using it against citizens possibly in some covert cia project to gather data on the effects.
As most people know the cia has a history of testing out technology on its own citizens, so if they do posses the technology is it really that far of a stretch to beleive they may be using it domestically?

The people who experience this all have one thing in common, they bad mouthed someone from the government or from politics, and afterwards the voices began.

Apparently they do this with some sort of microwave technology. Jessie Ventura seeks out the man who assembled the technology and questions him. He basically says he built it for the government and didn't realize they were going to use it on their own people, but they absolutely are and it is real.

What do you guys think do you beleive conspiracies like this are feasible or do you think it just makes for good television?
Not like they don't have a tinfoil hat nearby.
I must admit it's quite entertaining and some of research is kinda goofy, but some makes sense, but a lot of show looks really staged and a lot of it kills the feeling of it being a reality show.
watched most of the episodes when they were on a year or two ago.
some were quite good.
There is an invention called hypersonic sound that can be used to cause a sound that only a single person can hear. However, the idea that questioning the government causes them to send schizo voices into your head sounds quite ridiculous and is in all likelihood people who are already schizoid getting their cause/effect backwards.
ha, one of the episodes I liked the most.
with those directional, high output speakers.
sick, I want some.
the ones used for crowd control or could have been
aimed at somali pirates.
The crazy people are crazy. It's not supersonic government waves Jesse. Thank you for further retarding the common sense of America though. I mean, these idiots are already believing in ghosts and crap, how much dumber do we REALLY need to make America?
The crazy people are crazy. It's not supersonic government waves Jesse. Thank you for further retarding the common sense of America though. I mean, these idiots are already believing in ghosts and crap, how much dumber do we REALLY need to make America?


Love the show, its good. they do a real good job of it. this season they exposed David Icke and his reptilian theory
used to be a great lineup of ancient aliens and then decoded.
now its all pawn star shit, etc.
I caught a few episodes of the first season. Found it pretty entertaining just as sheer fun speculation.

I think most of the conspiracies are probably rooted in a sliver of truth but are taken to the nth degree for the sake of a good story.
I think the show's interesting, but for those who take these things incredibly seriously, it's important to ask yourself "how exactly does this influence help me with my life?" Generally speaking, most major conspiracy theorists tend to get extremely paranoid and sometimes get obsessive compulsive about their beliefs. Admittedly when you see the problems of the world you wonder "Are we really this stupid? Or are a select few really this brilliant?" I'm sure there is some truth to some conspiracy theories, and it is important to remember that these conspiracy theories do remind us to never trust anyone 100%. Above all else, look into the facts on both sides of an issue and make the decision for yourself, whether it's logical to you or it just feels right.

On a side note, I believe if these things were really as secretive and truthful as people believe they are, the government would "NOT" allow any of the information Jesse Ventura and others have to get out to the public on T.V. and would be monitoring and censoring as much of the information as they could on the internet. Just a little food for thought.
Alex Jones 1:24 to 1:26 HAHA his FACE.

Jones is the biggest nut case. No wonder he is making a big deal about this show "Conspiracy Theory" moving time to time...HE IS ON IT. Just another platform for him to push his stuff.
That was fucking hilarious. :icon_lol:

Any time someone's claiming that there are lizard people living in our so-called "hollow earth," I could've told you it was B.S. just by looking at the general concept. It doesn't make very much of any sense for the earth to be hollow, nor does it make any sense for anyone to have some "magical shape-shifting abilities."

I would argue that anyone claiming reptilians are real are more than likely suffering from "Ereptile-dysfunction." That is, lacking the ability to distinguish a reptile from a mammal.
This, Decoded and AA are all some hilarious stuff
I like it but it's just a ridicilous show.

I was watching the HAARP episode and somehow they connect it with global goverment and polution of our water and the black british chick calls Ventura and I swear to God the conversation goes like this

hot black british chick:'Ello,Govna'?It's in the water.

I was cringing the whole time.Also they went way out of the way to discredit everything Icke has done and make him look like a babbling money grabbing lunatic,yet in the same episode Ventura goes to Alex Jones who is even crazier than Icke and in a voiceover says that Jones is Ventura's source.

Also i lol everytime Jessie or someone of his crew members have to go meet some whistleblower somewhere privat where no once can see them because they are scared of the goverment or something,yet they aren't even the slitest bit botherd by the entire fckin camera crew filiming them for a tv show fro the entire world too see.
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