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Conrad come quick! Your car is being towed!


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Apr 16, 2002
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This car bomb attack is in retaliation for last night`s incursion.

Take it to heart!
Well that is pretty close to what really happend to my last car. Sept mine was blue and didn't have a radio. it was pretty Gehtto.

I thought the attack went well. All you guys thought it was a good Idea when I brought it up before now I am getting car-bomb. seesh!!!!!!!!
here is conrad on his car...dont let him fool you

That lying son ofa biatch!! He said this was him and his car!!!

that is the worst Night Rider rip off ive ever seen im my life....

TTT just for that pic alone

ill TTT it later as well
Notice that license plate says Georgia.

notice we dont give a rats knacker?
he is so Mr I Wanna be David Hasslehoff
Hey my david Hasslehehoff-wannabe days are over. That was a long time ago. So what if I named my car Kit if I got high enough I swear the thing was talking to me. And so what if I named my penis Kitt also, Night Rider was a very popular show back then.

Willy: It is perfectly capable to live in wisconsin, were a Californa shirt, and have Gorgia plates on your card.

I just wouldn't advise it.

Anyways night rider is so out dated. I'am a Walker: Texas Ranger fan now.

Jerks!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop judgeing me becuase of my Telivision show tste.
Walker: Texas Ranger is one of the best shows ever. Chuck Norris is da man.

ralph. I was just joking.

Sorry to inform you that you weren't