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Media Conor McGregor stops himself from drinking at last second, says he's "off the drink" for Chandler camp

I guarantee you he will keep on drinking foir weeks and weeks to come. BEFORE the Chandler fight.

That little video clip was just a PR stunt I think. As soon as the camera stoipped recording I reckon he drank the entire pint.

HGe is addicted to ethyl alcohol for sure. Many people drink too much but he is allegedly a pro fighter, supposedy elite, and if you wanna be elite you have to have to top-level nutrition, daily hard training and leave the drink and drugs alone at least for most of your fight career.

Because OTHER fighters WILL be following a strict regimen and that could be all the difference they need to defeat you.

I'd give McGregor about 1.5rounds or less to beat Chandler, after 7mins (approx) he has close to no chance.
I really hope for his own sake he is not drinking during camp. That sigh as he trembled and licked his lips, fighting with everything in him not to take a hearty swig of that cold, frothing beer.. I really felt his pain 😅
Wait isn't this the same video where he said fuck Usman and Topuria? Cause in that video he was drinking booze LOL.
Well said.

I developed a serious drinking problem during covid. Damn near lost my marriage. Two bottles of the strong wild turkey a week is what I was on. Drank 27 beers over a 12 hour period and did 8 hours of work once. What got me passed it was not the promise of still having a wife and kids, that wasn't guaranteed, I did it for me. You must do it for you.

With that being said, 10 weeks ain't shit and holding that beer in front of the camera is a cry for help. I seriously doubt he didn't drink it or has drank since. Holding that beer is enough to drink then or in the dark.

I wish him well.

It should've been 10 weeks clean off alcohol and then the 8-10 week training camp can begin.

The guy is already a shell of himself but now it will be the most porous shell ever...
The champions always digging deep and putting in the hard work.
Would be crazy if Conor some how returned to how he was. I wouldn't put it past the UFC/Conor, maybe he gets special treatment or rules. Chandler is almost 40. He's definitely not returning the same level of skill though.