congratulations to Dinarte Junior


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Jul 12, 2002
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I just wanted to congratulate my instructor dinarte junior for his amazing fight and amazing win yesterday over BTT's marcelo grilo, he was superior standing and on the ground, just amazing!

the fight occoured yesterday (saturday) in lisbons "fight for respect" the card had a BTT x Chute boxe with guys like, cacareco, jamanta, roan jucao, etc..

anyway, just wanted to say what a previlege it is to be able to train with such a fighter (even though I don't get to train with him so often now, because I am in London most of the time)

marcelo grilo (

dinarte lima junior (
must be nice to train with the guys like that , jucao trains there also, right?
thanks guys!

GP, jucao is from BTT I belive...