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Congrats Sherdog on being re credentialed for the UFC

Blue Mercury

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Feb 13, 2011
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I know this might not belong on the boxing forum but it's the only place I post. Congrats playaz. #SherdogStaysWinning

?? For congratulating Sherdog for staying in the game, and now ready to be back on top? Yeah okay.

Making it to UFC is being on Top?haha.

I guess Budwiser is really the best beer on planet then.
If anything, getting their credentials back means they're not on top since the UFC only likes to give credentials to those who suck their dick. That being said theres a lot less major MMA outside the UFC so that means more Sherdog coverage of the UFC meaning Dana is happy. That being said once Dana does something stupid and Sherdog points it out, expect them to lose credentials.
Troller? I posted a joke and zuffa zack had a boo boo. If that's not cool then...
Well I for one compliment your posts in this thread and elsewhere. They are top draw, always.
I lost track of the shenanigans around MMA media and credentials.

Did Sherdog lose its credentials this last time for leaking TUF results or was that the time before? Or was this the one where the UFC banned all MMA media as they thought they were genuinely mainstream and going to have constant front page updates going on all the newspaper and sports channel sites?

There's been a bunch