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    I don't know if this is the right forum for this, but here goes....

    I am looking to compete in modified MMA and submission no gi grappling in march 06. I have been training in grappling for only about 2 months right now, but I have a solid striking background in muay thai, so I have some level of cardio, etc. I'm gonna compete as a beginner at this event. I need some advice on weight categories.

    Right now, I'm 5'7" and 179. I have a big rib cage kind of structure to me(short & wide). I got a fat caliper and that told me I have between 21-22% body fat. That means my lean muscle mass is 149, I have 30lb of fat on me. I have rolled with guys who compete at 180+ and they are too strong for me to do much with them, but part of that is my lack of skill as well. My instructor told me to drop down to 173, that's the top end of the weight category that I could easily make weight for. To go down to 11% body fat, I would lose 20 lb to be 159. That seems like the kind of weight that guys my size compete at in Pride, etc.

    I want to be as competitive as possible, so should I try and drop the 20 lb by march? I don't want to get any weaker than I am, I feel damn weak already against some of these guys.
    I have dropped about 5lb since I started rolling 2 months ago already. Should I run to lose weight, or what? I have cleaned up my diet, no pop, very little beer, 2 protein/glutamine shakes a day. Or should I try to put on muscle, then lose weight to be 173, but not fat?

    Currently I grapple 2-3x a week, do Bas rutten workouts 1-2x a week, either on the bag (muay thai 2 min rds x 10rds), or the mma workout 2min rds x 10rds shadow boxing, and try to lift weights 1-2x a week, but not too hard because I stay sore too long and can't go all out training...mostly body weight plyos and dumbbell/ball work, pull ups, etc.
    I haven't tried working out 2x a day the way pro fighters do cause i'm not getting paid to do it, and I am sore all the time..

    sorry about the novel i wrote here, just wanted to be thorough


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