Competition drop Kata-Guruma (fireman's carry) -VIDEO-


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Oct 25, 2004
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I thought this was a great variation!!!

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NICE find! You dont realize how many steps there are until he breaks it down.

He did the 1st 2 reps so quickly you can barely make out whats going on.
From that grip I'd normally only consider an eri-seoi-nage, this is an interesting alternative.
Cool. I was scared for a second that he was showing my secret weapon, but it turned out to be different. My secret weapon is safe... :p
great move. i get thrown with kata guruma alot lately so i want to develop it myself
Thanks mate. I drilled it a bunch of times before class tonight. Very impressive control with the stuffed arm and deep collar controlling vertically.


I like the drop Kata Gurum myself
Fantastic. I hadn't seen this variation before. Thank you very much for posting.
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