Competition Boxing gyms in Los Angeles?


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Dec 2, 2011
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I'm wondering where people are boxing in Los Angeles? I have been to Wild Card gym already, wondering about boxing gyms that field amateur competition teams.
Where is everyone boxing at in Los Angeles? I just tried a gym today I wasn't too happy with in LA. Hope to find a good one before I have to leave back to MN.
yea I've been there, it is packed with pros and people who are just trying to lose weight and is very small and not good for lifting weights afterwards. The bonus is that it is $5/mo. And if you're a huge pacman fan you get to be in that groupie atmosphere and buy a t-shirt at the pacman store that is downstairs. Other then that I was hoping someone would post about their gym that has competition classes or a competition team and has that kind of nice boxing atmosphere. But maybe competition classes are something unique to my MN gym....