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Comeback Fighter of the Year?

imo swanson is #1 for his level of competition at 3-0.

brown had a good year at 4-0.

struve at 3-0.

michael johnson at 3-0.

grant at 2-0

boestch had a massive 2-0 year

winner of pickett and wineland will have had a good year.
Voted Brown. He gets extra points for derailing the wonderboy hype train.
Other: Cung Le. His awesome KO of Rich was one of the biggest shockers of the year and his battle against Cote was a pretty damn good performance too. This year was a very good comeback to his loss to Wandy in 2011.
Brown has never won 4 fights in a row prior to 2012. Now he's the only fighter in the ufc that's 4-0 this year. I vote for him
St Pierre. After coming off a devastating knee injury and 19 month layoff he has to face Condit who's very dangerous and he handles him. Definitely the comeback of the year.
GSP is the only real "comeback" fighter on the list...but still, only one fight in 2012 isn't good enough to say he is the comeback fighter of the year. Brown has been impressive this year, but again, it's not like he was gone in 2011 with injuries or something.
Glad you put Siver up there pride ^^

Hes my second favorite fighter and made a rude comeback after his loss to Cerrone.

Beating Nunes and Pham where both not supposed to happen according to all betting lines and butt hurt sherdoggers
Definitely GSP and Matt Brown takes a close second.

GSP suffered an injury a lot of guys wouldn't come back from, didn't fight in almost 2 years and came in the cage to handle one of the best WW's in the UFC (Condit). I'd definitely say that's a HELL of an accomplishment.