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come hell or high water, i'm deadlifting every week


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Apr 13, 2004
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this is my second attempt to keep a workout log, since the first one suffered a slow and painful death as i gradually stopped strength training.

my goals are simple: deadlift at least once a week. i actually plan to do 2 full body workouts a week, aiming to hit a pulling, pushing, and squatting motion in each workout...but at the absolute minimum i will get my ass to the gym and deadlift. i have no goals in terms of numbers, i just want to improve from week to week and hopefully feel the improvement while grappling.

i've been training bjj consistently for about 2 years now, and i'm currently training like a maniac - 5-6 days a week, sometimes twice a day will be my schedule until may. i'm working towards my purple belt, and will be competing in gi and no gi competitions in march and may. so i'll be logging conditioning and training stuff as well.

regarding weight, i could stand to lose the beer gut i've been working on since thanksgiving, but im not against putting on muscle and having to move up a weight class - i'm currently 5'9" and 175 lbs. this isnt too important to me, so im just gonna try to clean up my diet, keep grappling and deadlifting and see where it takes me.

first entry

incline barbell bench (pretty f'in close to shoulder press):
warmup 95 x12
5x115, 5x135, 5x155, 5x175, 4x175

stiff leg deads:
warmup 10x135
shit i forget....something like 5x155, 5x175, 5x185, 5x205, 5x205

also, wrist roller - 2 times up and down with a 10
tossing 25 plate hand to hand (20 throws, 3 sets)
pinching 2 10's for time (about 45 seconds, 2 times)

* we have stupid ass plates at our school that are covered with a sheet of plastic and get really slippery with sweat.

+stretching and drilling some jiu jitsu movements.
jon danaher's class

kouchi gari (from cross lapel grip) > wierd ass tripping takedown > reverse scarf hold > kimura

2 N/S ish escapes:
1. to turnover> 2 americana variations, or to a sit through > take the back
2. N/S to armbar (w/ sweep)

3 rounds of 4 minutes sparring from the feet, then some free rolling afterwards. good stretching.
night class

front headlock > cradle > rolling takedown > neck crank finish

"saulo's" guillotine + "wrestler's" move to the back (using the head)

standing king of the hill, guard passing top and bottom, side mount top and bottom, and free rolling for 2 5 minute periods at the end.

days like this i wonder why i train...

i went in late and missed the instruction but just wanted to roll anyway. first i got brutalized by a dieslel guy with about 40 pounds on me. my neck was sore as fuck from the past week, and he kept on putting on brutal neck cranks (no gi, so its legit)....anyway, i trained with him for about 20 minutes, then got a little sick and tired of getting my neck ripped around and decided to roll light with some people i know arent wildmen on the mats - no hard feelings or anything, i just knew i didnt want to train that hard. it was a good thought, but it didnt do me any good. after about 45 more minutes of rolling i had to stop. the tendons in my elbos, shoulders, and my right knee were so inflamed, sore, and painful that i couldnt do shit. i've trained everyday this week so far (6) and twice a day on 3 of those days for a total of about 18-20 hard hours on the mat...which is way too much...imma go eat some food, smoke a bowl, pop like 6 advil, and sleep on the couch all day.
feeling better and getting back into it...

jits yesterday:

omoplata sweep from standing (trap sleeve around leg) and star sweep.

took it kinda easy, pretty good sparring.

lifting tonight....will also start doing tabata's and other HIIT type shit tonight to get the cardio up for NAGA worlds on March 11.
1/24/06 (yesterday)

deadlifts: 2x7x135 (warmup) 5x185, 5x205, 5x225, 5x245
pullups: 8,7,6 (176 bodyweight)

scrapped the workout early cause the gym was mobbed, moved to conditioning.

tabata intervals:
swiss ball walkouts (to pushup position): for 3 min
swiss ball rollouts: 3 min
little rest
squats: 4 minutes

* stopped here cause my liftitng partner puked after the squats. had a good stretch.

christ...i've done a lot of jiu jitsu since last time but only 1 lifting session a coule days ago

from memory (probably all fucked up)

bench: worked up to a 2 rep max at 225 - i went much to hard on the earlier sets, almost failing, and had noting left to max out....pretty silly idea and bad numbers to back it up.
swiss ball db shoulder press: a couple of sets w/ 35 lb db's - reps around 8,7,6
started to do squats, but when i got over 135 lbs on the bar, my knee felt like shit...jits is tearing me up.
ghr: 15, 15, 15

tabata's w/ pushups, squats, then burpees....almost made my workout partner puke again, ha! my gas is feeling good, which is shocking for a vicious stoner like me.

gonna start working on handstands to do handstand pushups...i checked out the crossfit site a couple days ago and im really interested intrying some of their shit out.

jiu jitsu yesterday

8/135, 8/155, 3/185, 3/205, 3/225, 2/245, 2/275, 1/295, 1/315 (20 lbs off my 1rm a couple months ago)
cleans (just practicing form, never really done olyish lifts): 8/45, 8/45, 6/65, 6/65, 5/95, 5/115, 5/115
pullups (1/min, 2/min, 3/min, etc etc): made 7 reps, failed on 8.
wrist roller w/ 10 pounds: 2/2

going to jits later tonight.

squats, ass to the grass: up to 3/225, 2/245
front squats, ass to the grass: 8/135, 6/155, 4/175
sldl's: 8/135, 6/185 x 3

much jiu jitsu.....
its a week later and ive gained most of my range of motion back. the only thing that is absolutely murder on my rib is trying to do a straight sit up.

anyway, did a light squat workout yesterday, 2/16. squats, and some sissy isolation leg stuff - the injury prevents me from doing front squats/overhead squats/etc b/c i can't stabilize myself without pain.