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College People What Classes are you taking this semester?


May 3, 2010
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So as the the title says was wondering what classes you plan on taking in the spring. I'm currently taking one class for the winter semester: Survey of American Music. Liked the professor so much that I'm enrolling in another class of his during spring. My spring Semester looks as follows:

Survey of American Music

Spring 2013:
Intro to Film
Survey of Latin American Music
Film Genres: Crime
American History: Civil War to Present

What about you guys? And do you use ratemyprofessor to choose your teachers?
Senior Seminar
American Philosophy
Eastern Philosophy
American Political Thought
Something Else.
spring 2013

microeconomics II
macroeconomics II
econometrics II
Posted from wrong thread. My apologies are given.
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Philosophy of Art
History of Ethics
Existence and Reality

I only took Philosophy as a major because I transferred over and I had to pick something, and it was the only thing i was slightly interested in. Now i regret it, what the hell am I gonna do with a Philosophy Degree other than teach!?
18 units: 2 Speech Classes, Stat, Humanities, an English class, & Art History
advanced business fapology & strokenomics
Management of NonProfit Organizations
European Union Politics
Spanish 2
Human Resource Management
Military Studies
Physical Fitness Planning 2
Intermediate EM 2
Advanced Physics Lab
Electronics 1
AC DC Circuits

Maybe one other class if I can fit it in. I dont use ratemyprofessors because in my major most classes are prerequisites to other classes, and there's usually only one person teaching the class, so you usually dont have a lot of choices. I like the majority of my professors though.
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spring 2013

microeconomics II
macroeconomics II
econometrics II

Excellent. I did this exact same semester years ago. My advice is to stay on top of the lectures. These three classes together can be a nightmare if you fall behind even a little bit.
Multi-variable Calculus
Discrete Mathematics
x86 Assembly Language
Computer Architecture
AC Circuits I

My last class until I transfer
A research methods class
Systems approach to business
A biology class
A pharmacology class
American Law enforcement systems
Patterns of criminal behavior
Juvenile Justice system
2 communication general ed classes
Introductory Biology (with a lab)
Earth and Life History
Russian History since 1815
Elementary Functions

And a taekwondo class cause I need half a credit of physical education. 16.5 alltogether
What kind of bullshit classes are those TS? lol

My schedule this semester is:

IB 303- International Business Operations
BA 322- Negotiation Skills for Business Professionals
BA 250- Small business Management
Cas 352- Organizational Communication
Econ 104- Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy
Hist 002- The Western Heritage

18 creds this semester because I had to drop a bullshit elective last semester (fuck theatre). This semester gonna be rough.
RF Communication Circuits
Antenna Theory and Design
Impact of Technology on Society
Electrical Engineering Design Project

...and I think I have to take a complementary studies elective.