Cody main weakness is his loyalty, he needs a better boxing coach

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by TidWell, Aug 5, 2018.

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    I know his uncle took care of him and trained him in boxing since he was a boy but cody keeps leaving his chin pointing to the sky after exchanges, i knew tj would capitalize on it again with a sneak punch.

    The cagey boxers will let fighters get confident and throw a power combo play possum a bit like you got me, and wait when they reset and have their hands down to sneak a power shot call catching them off guard.

    Tj has barely been training boxing but he already has the boxing mind of a veteran, that sneak punch would make bernard hopkins proud.

    Boxing is more than just throwing punches, its foot work, timing, trap setting, feints, set ups, etc. cody reminds me of Andrei Arlovski, crazy beautiful hands, crisp combos but always leave their chin out there after an exchange.

    Its a shame the one bad habit he has is one of the worst in fighting, sticking your chin to the sky instead of keeping it tucked and admiring your work after exchanges he does both.

    Tj always has that chin tucked in, and tj has better boxing movement and slickness, because tj is a student of the game willing to learn from the best like Lomachenko.

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