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Coach Mark Henry doesn't think Dominick Cruz ‘could hang' with free agent Marlon Moraes

Discussion in 'Worldwide MMA Discussion' started by MMALOPEZ, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. MMALOPEZ Steel Belt

    Nov 11, 2006
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    Puerto Rico/Las Vegas
    "Show me the money," Moraes' head coach, Mark Henry, said Monday on The MMA Hour. "Who's going to show what we believe Marlon is worth? Marlon, man, he's amazing fighter, but it also has to do with, WSOF has been so great to him. They're such a great group over there. Ray Sefo and those guys have treated Marlon and the rest of us so well. I'm sure he'll have to listen to them, what they have to say, because they've just treated him great.

    "But at the end of it all, maybe five, six, seven years ago when [Moraes] was a single kid, UFC would probably be the thing. But now he has the wife and kids, and what's the difference between WSOF and UFC? It's what, maybe 20,000 more Instagram followers and maybe your name on MMA Fighting a little more, and that's about it at the end. Other than that, the kid needs to take care of his family first."

    "I think thing number one is just him realizing how good he really is," Henry said. "Like, him seeing what the rest of us -- me, Frankie (Edgar), Ricardo (Almeida), and everybody around him -- what we see in him, this phenom. I don't know if he knew how good he was, so that was number one. Number two, I think just being around someone like Frankie, his work ethic, and ever since four years (ago), man, he's pretty much tied to the hip to Frankie. They have a great relationship.

    "I remember the first time I brought [Moraes] over to Philadelphia to spar some really good guys at this boxing gym, and I was like, who the heck is this kid? Because he was really close with Edson (Barboza), they grew up together, and his big thing is Muay Thai but we brought him to a boxing gym to see how that would go, and I called up his manager at the time, like, who the heck is this kid? This kid is unbelievable. Edson said he was good, but everybody is going to say their friend is good. But I was totally blown away.

    "He was the first guy who I ever kind of really trained and was like, this kid is ready for the UFC right now. Most people, I'm always so cautious, like, let's wait a couple fights and let's get the all-around game going. But right off the bat, I was like this kid is special. Just like with Frankie the first time."

    Whether Moraes signs with the UFC, goes elsewhere, or decides to stay with WSOF will depend largely on one thing -- his paycheck. Moraes is one of the highest paid fighters in WSOF, cashing $180,000 in disclosed earnings for his recent victory over Hill. Considering his momentum and status as one of the most talented bantamweights in the world, that number will likely only go up in free agency.

    Still, it is hard to ignore the glut of compelling match-ups for Moraes found in the UFC, not the least of which starts at the top with UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz. The stylistic pairing between a ferocious striker like Moraes and a defensive wizard like Cruz would make for a fascinating fight, and Henry is confident that Moraes could surprise with how well he does.

    "I'm usually cautious and like to get your wet a little, but in this case I'm not," Henry said. "And I have so much respect for Dominick. I think Dominick is amazing. But I do not think that Dominick could hang with Marlon, in my opinion. Dominick is amazing. I have so much respect for Dominick, and I do, I love his game to death. But man, I just think Marlon would beat him. I just really, truly in my heart think that Marlon would definitely win. And I usually don't like to talk smack unless they're in person, but I have that much confidence in Marlon."

  2. qw3rty Silver Belt

    Jan 29, 2014
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    Great interview, I didn't know he was a close friend of Barboza
    I think he will stick with WSOF, UFC won't pay him so much

    But damn, I'd love to see him against top 10 BW, Cruz would beat him decisively though, and probably TJ too
  3. SalvadorAllende Steel Belt

    Feb 2, 2013
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    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Good for this kid making that kind of money. If WSOF is ok with keep his purse I dont see any reason why he should go to the UFC. If he drops a few there he would get peanuts.
  4. InfinityLens Black Belt

    Mar 22, 2015
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    So basically he cost the price of 1 bottom UFC fighter + 8 more. Cut the bottom ranked 8 guys and pay him (if it really is all the best fighting the best).

    Also Coker needs to get in on this, offer to have Moraes v Dantas and than go on about how the UFC wimped out of the Moraes challenge, will probably get lots of media attention.
  5. OrigFan255 Black Belt

    Sep 29, 2015
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    NYC Metro Area
    This dude had 22 fights and ONLY 4 of them have a wikipedia page....1 which was a loss.....14 cans, DAMN!

    In his coach's world, he is 17-4-1......In reality he is 3-1.

    3 and 1 and he wants a piece of The Dominator! LMAO
  6. BeardotheWeirdo Silver Belt

    Mar 1, 2006
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    Earth: We're All One
    You know what Zuffa's response is going to be.

    If he's that good then sign for $30k/$30k and when he wins the belt he'll make big money.

    These negotiations might take a while. I'd love to see what Marlon can do in the UFC though and I hope they work it out.

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