Coach Freddie Roach etc

Roach believes Manny can handle Hatton but has to be in superb condition to beat Dela hoya. I really dont see Manny beating Hatton but Im no Freddie heheheh
manny is much to small to beat hatton. hatton would bully him all fight. i dont see what would be the point of throwing him in there with him. that being said i think he has a better shot at hatton than him beating ODLH i would give manny a .05% to 1% chance at ODLH and a 5% chance agaistn't hatton.
Manny shouldnt be fighting Hatton or DLH
You guys realize Manny's the same height as Hatton and has a 2" reach advantage, right?

Ricky'd come into the fight about 10-15lbs heavier than Manny probably, and that would make a difference, but I'm not positive Ricky would just steamroll Manny. It might actually be competitive. Manny's problems in the ring have been with Boxers, not brawlers.
Usually when someone mentions roach now, i think of last year when that joke of a thread came out of him and oscar being all gay during training camp. Cracks me up everytime.

oscar would talk about freddie in such a gay tone during 24/7 too. Freeedddiiie.
i reckon hatton could get under 140 if he wanted he's 5 6 .

if he didn't balloon between fights i don't think it would be a problem for him
Lets see how he does at 135 before a fight with Hatton is actually considered.
I like Manny a lot. And sometimes it verges on nuthugging. I wish the best for him. And in some sick way, I hope he does fights Hatton. 0_o