clinching rules?


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Sep 7, 2004
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i was watchin the hopkins fight tonite and i was wondering about the rules in the clinch...a few times it look like hopkins would almost pull his head down as soon as they got in close...but they were "clinched" or tied up so he was still throwing this normal? it seems like a good idea, but i wasnt sure of the "clinch rules" so to say

inform me on what u guys try and do from a boxing clinch/techinques/strategies instead of just being tied up and broken apart
its not legal to 'hold and hit' , so u cant grab ur opponents head and pull him into ur punches.punches in close in the clinch wont really do much damage so try jus leanin on ur opponent to tire him out.
You're supposed to punch out of the clinch. Not hold-and-hit, but not lean on and grab either. You're supposed to work your way out with punches. Hopkins though mastered the art of letting an opponent tie up one of his arms and hitting him while the opponent is trying to hold him. He fights dirty in the clinch, but that's part of his style. Look for Demetrius to do the same thing when he come into his own because he fights more and more like Bernard every time I see him.