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Cleaning Up My Diet: Did I miss anything?


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Mar 4, 2008
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Pretty much I really need to clean up my diet. My goal is for maximum energy throughout the day for BJJ and just to keep healthy.... Well I'm going to start out by following John Berardi's 7 Food Habits. Now I have made a grocery list, let me know if I left anything out...

Oatmeal, Whole Wheat Pasta, Granola
Canned Tuna, Chicken, and Beef.
2 or 3 Lean Cuisines (in case I'm in a rush or lazy)
Salad, Broccoli, Spinach, Potatos
Plain Yogurt
Apples, Bananas, Different kinds of berries
Red Wine Vinagerrette Dressing and Caesar dressing (to encourage me to eat my veggies).

EDIT: Whoops, mispelled oatmeal as "oatmean"
I want to try some "oatmean". I bet it turns you into a nasty mofo.
I wouldn't get the Lean Cuisines. When you aren't feeling lazy, fix a lot of food and freeze it for the days you are in a hurry or feeling lazy. Doing that will be healthier, cheaper, and will taste better.
Thanks for the advice !
Speaking of sauces... anyone know of any "non-guilty" sauces?
My personal interpretation of Berardi would say that Granola isn't really a good option. Lots and lots o' sugar and/or hfcs in all brands, believe me I tried to find one without either and I don't believe that it exists. And when I buy granola I always eat MUCH more than the serving size because the serving size is perhaps appropriate for small children and anorexics. Just my two cents
(6) small meals a day every three hours does the trick and plenty of cardio
I heart asparagus so I'd add that in there just in case you get bored of the broccoli and spinach if you are eating them often throughout the day.
generally i'd agree with nixing the lean cuisine, but it is a better alternative than running to a fast food place. just keep in mind that it's really heavy in sodium (most young people don't worry about it, but if you approach your diet with a "low sodium" mindset, you'll find that you usually cover all your bases as far as controlled eating goes).
and as for sauces: stay away from pesto, cream, and meat sauces. pesto's not as bad as the others, but is still fatty nonetheless.
and +1 for staying away from granola. too much sugar added. go for a whole wheat pita to mindlessly munch on. it's very little flavor, but at least it doesnt taste bad.
Mixing basil with olive oil only makes a decent pesto-y type thing, that I like alright, it's worth a try if you need a sauce
for oatmeal, make sure its 'steel cut irish oats'. it takes @30min to make, but you can do a weeks worth at a time and refridgerate it, and then cook it in a few minutes. i don't microwave but if you do you can obviously reheat it in seconds.