Clean and Press Question


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Jul 3, 2007
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I've decided my workout partner and I will start incorporating some olympic style lifts into our routine. We decided to take things slow and start with something relatively easy, the Clean and Press. My question is; During the pressing portion, is it alright to Push-Press the weight up or does it have to be a Strict Overhead Press? From the videos I've seen, people tend to do both. There is definetely a lot less film on C&P than other olympic type lifts on youtube and similar.
I would say do a push press since your main goal with the lift is to improve your explosiveness.
Thats what I was thinking, mostly because of the fact that I can powerclean a lot more than I can SOHP.
There are no longer any regulations because it's not a competed lift anymore, so it's up to you. I'd say push press because you can probably clean more than you can strict press.
I usually strict press until the weight increases enough to where I must PP it.
Push press. My push press and clean are just about even, so it makes sense to me to pushpress the weight, especially since my strict press is about 40lbs lower than my PP.
I would do whatever matches closest with your power clean in weight used. That way the clean part is actually meaningful. I, like you, power clean way more than I press, so I would use a push press. You can even do the cleans from the hang to make them harder and still get all the benefits(explosive triple extension). But don't go putting vids of it on Youtube calling it a press if you push press it.