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Chute Boxe Pride GP Final T-shirts in the US....


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Feb 19, 2003
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and ready to be shipped... :icon_twis

All orders received until midnight today will go out tomorrow, orders received after midnight will be shipped only on Saturday.

Click on the pictures to be directed to the items page on our web store!!

Those are awesome shirts. Are they normal cotton, or more of a jersey style shirt? I really like the blue/white one, is it two different pieces of fabric?
Both are 100 % cotton and they are not 2 different types of fabric, the blue one is realy nice and so is the black they are ready to go................................
Sweet, I'll have to wait until payday but I'll def. be ordering one of the blue ones.
XL is the largest, Carol :(, you should yell at these companies making kids sizes :p. Both of those are really great looking! And of course I have to throw it in can't wait for those Wand beanies, I want it first!
Phenom, Beanies should be here towards the end of September. We do have some of their stuff in XXL, but they usually don't do these limited editions for guys like you and my husband.... :( I definetly have to yell at them for larger sizes *laughs*

You'll be informed when the beanies arrive!!
Sounds sweet, gonna get at least 2.
they are both really cool and they have been flying out the door......come get them they are in very limited supply......................
Do you guys have this t-shirt available, the Chute Boxe team sported it at the presser for PRIDE.

That shirt was only available to their crew members at Pride and might be only from Academia Chute Boxe. We got some emails about this shirt and tried to contact them ,but so far no answer. They might be all busy with the Pride stuff.

Last Update : We got an answer from the WAND personnel , those shirts were a gift from some company and made just for them. We are pretty sure that if the Fans request them they will make available for sale.
PLEASE get those shirts in at least XXL! I would like to buy one!
XXXL if possible! I will pay the extra 10 bucks or whatever it might be :)
Carol or J.J.,
I need a stocking stuffer. Save me a XL (Wand with B52) and you have my credit card number and address.

Gameness pitbull thnx for the order and its on the way....................................

Casca-Grossa your no 1 Chute -Boxe source .
Any discount considering Silva lost..haha..just kidding.
LoBlo said:
Any discount considering Silva lost..haha..just kidding.

Grrr, Silva needs to learn from Shogun ... that is to take out the best grapplers you have to throw balls to the wall and just keep an onslaught of attacks coming at them standing up. You are going to get taken down wether or not you play it safe so might as well go out there and give 120%. Ever since Silva fought Hunt, it seems like he is scared to take a punch. It is either that or he gives waYYY too much respect to ppl like Nakamura Yoshida Arona in their stand up game.
I know that Wand will be on top in the end................................now for those Shogun T's lol.......

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