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Chris Lytle would come out of retirement to fight a

Im a huge Lytle fan. But he has nothing to prove. I loved his fights and all but I couldnt of been any more happier for him on the way he went out. It just doesn't get any better. I hope he reconsiders. If he does though I still want that Condit fight that never happened or Penn vs Lytle. They both fought the same people. Just never fought each other.
The guy went out with a great battle against a former contender. Keep it that way Chris!
I think it would be sick. Something worth coming back for one fight.
I would say no unless its one last fight vs BJ Penn then why not.
I would love a rematch between Diaz and Lytle,
especially since Diaz will stand and trade with him unlike their first fight which was also awesome.

Lytle vs Condit would also be fucking great.
no no no no no don't do it.

I agree... Hes' basically saying he'll come back if he doesn't really have to go through the training process. He doesn't seem to want to come back, just was kind of cornered by the questions. Sure he'll always miss it, but he's not missing it enough to stop what he's doing now with his family to commit to a return.
Lytle is one of the coolest fighters of all time.

He said he'd only come back as a late replacement, and only for a guy like Diaz or Condit, which he says he knows probably wouldn't happen. Says he doesn't have time to dedicate to a full training camp anymore, wants to spend it with his family, which is why he retired.

He also said "Carlos just came to win the decision, and Nick came to win the fight."

War Lytle!
I say dont do it.

He retired at the proper time and if he would come back to fight a specific type of guy, that means he doesnt really want to fight anymore.

thats my opinion.
Dont do it Chris.... I know it burns but you won in an epic battle stay retired
He retired because he wanted to be closer to his family. Now he had that for a few months its time to get out that house!
once a fighter, always a fighter.

gotta respect the man!