chris horodecki-one of the best standup in mma/155


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May 29, 2005
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after watching him fight quite a few times i have to say horodecki has some of the best all round striking in mma hands down, not like some guys who work only the hands, kicks or clinch (i.e. knees/elbows).

horodecki is the real deal standing, w/possibly the exception of spencer fisher; who def focuses on the hands moreso than anything else, i don't feel anyone is messing w/chris in regards to standup.

supposedly the ifl has grossly inferior competition which i don't think is true, maybe they are below the top tier; but the guys they have at 155 are comparable to the 2nd/3rd tier fighters in the ufc.

horodecki is a very complete strikers, he uses knees, punches, low/mid/high kicks; he can press the action, counter punch, be def (using footwork, headmovement, hands, arms), punches in combinations, sets up shots, picks his shots, the full array of punches (cross, jab, hook, uppercut, straight punches)

as good as many of the guys in ufc are thought of, i legitimately don't think there are too many guys who could eff throw hands w/horodecki; im not saying his all round game is the best, its not bad to be honest. But his standup to me is very crisp, flexible and eff; the biggest issue i see is his lack of power and lack of durability, i feel the bigger punchers can put him down if they get to him. But tech i think he has alot of dimensions and skills

an his footwork and angles are soo sharp; i don't know what tompkins teaches these guys, but horodeck is a beast standing.

im not saying he can't tighten up his strikes or be a little more elusive, esp given his penchant for being drawn into brawls; but the man is nice w/the hands and feet. I don't see too many 155 period who i say showcase better strategy tech and application.

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he needs to improve his ground game alot.. his strikes look nice though they flow smoothly and the combos he throws are sick. he's still young he has a lot of time to improve. i think he will be a title holder in the future
I can see him being a champion one day.
I think he is highly overrated

Why and how? hes 20 years old, had 13 fights, all of them in either TKO or IFL. And in general has been against quality opponents.

So, what the hell is your point really?do you think Devante is incorrect in his very good assessment. Or rather, do you know something he doesn't? Where and in what sense is he overrated? his standup? rankings?

Do tell.
I think he is highly overrated

based on what going two years undefeated and fighting 4-6 times a year against good competition isn't easy; as i stated there is a hole in his overall ground game, but the focus of this was his standup game. Which in my opinion is second to noone in the 155 div and is alot better than a vast majority of mma fighters period, he showcases balance and a wide array of skills moreso than anyone else i have watched; alot of guys can do the basic things, maybe even the complex, but obv things. But horodecki does all those and the simple things well, his execution timing and ability to adjust to any standup tech (hands, knees, kicks) approaches (pressure, counters, long ranger, inclose, volume) and phys styles (bullies, slicksters, tech, wild guys, bombers)

i can't see any holes in his games; areas where he can improve, but actual holes..not at all.. i think he could be competitive w/the 2nd/3rd tier guys in ufc if for no other reason than the fact he has good wrestling off/def (his sprawl and escapes from clinches is pretty good) and his standup is just sooo ssoooo much more crisper balanced than guys like florian huerta edgar maynard melendez wiman lauzon varner crunkilton etc etc
I'm 19 and I'm jealous of what he has already achieved. I think he's a great fighter and will definitely be a bigger name in the future. That is until I fight and beat him though. Ha ha ha
his striking is overrated he has limited tools and gets drawn into brawling more than any decent kickboxer should
his striking is overrated he has limited tools and gets drawn into brawling more than any decent kickboxer should

if it was straight up kickboxing i don't think he would; but given that its mma, an he is often facing wrestlers i think its why he chooses to mix it up w/them on the inside so that they don't get to confident or aggressive in the standup.

not just that but he really doesn't take as much abuse as it seems, he blocks, parries and rolls w/alot of the shots that get through

watch the lierly fight, he is in an exchange, lands first partially blocks a left/slaps down the right and fires a counter right down the pipe and drops him; now he could have stepped out and picked him apart. But i think he doesn't want to give the opp any confidence or idea that he fears their standup or that he shies away from a tough fight.

ur right he does get drawn in too much, all im saying is at times u have to be willing and able to exchange if for no other reason to clearly win rounds and to let ur opp know they can't walk u down or push u around.
Spencer Fisher would beat Horodecki by OWNAGE in the 1st round...

he has stronger stand up...
and he has a solid ground game...
Spencer Fisher would beat Horodecki by OWNAGE in the 1st round...

he has stronger stand up...
and he has a solid ground game...

i think his hands are better, maybe even his knees; but all round, i don't think so, i think horodecki is better w/his kick in regards to the array of kicks he uses, his frequency, and i think he mixes his punches/kicks/knees in a more fluid manner.

power-is equal
chin-is comparable
tech-all round horodecki-more balance

an spencer has good sub skills; but his wrestling, off/def is pretty much ass, an if ur a threat wrestling wise then his standup def becomes a liability