Chopper Read's childrens book banned in schools!

Alright. Maybe it's not something you'd read out in storytime in between milk and nap but c'mon. Banned in SCHOOLs. A child in 6th grade or so can read that and not become demented. Especially after watching worse things on the television.
It's already banned in Victoria for schools. Queensland is leaving the teachers and parent groups to decide.

check this news&story_id=153887&y=2002&m=6

Strange to me is that they think he will become a role model for children. Who else have they got to look up to? Perhaps our Prime minister that is a liar (children overboad).;)

Or perhaps the prank calling Shane Warne?
What is shit about it is, and I quote from a radio interview I heard yesterday
"It is not the content of the book, but rather who wrote it". For Christ sake, last I checked once you have served your time, you should be given every chance in society etc. Simon Crean responded that if he was so bad the why did the Arts commission invest 5 million in making a movie of his life
Oh as an ammendment - don't trust the silver and vampires thing. Some sources hint at it, but generally I don't trust it and a lot of the other books I've read suggest the same.

Most of the literature I've read covering it usually suggested the killer in question actually mistook a werewolf for a vampire. Bearing in mind that the ability to shape shift into a wolf has also been linked to vampires ;)

- The Jake