choke technique


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May 7, 2004
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how should the choke be administered. my second hand (or hand immediately behind the head) has always cupped the back of the head with my palm facing forward. recently i was corrected at my school and have been told that the palm should finish facing me. how do you do it?
In no-gi, I was taught to make fists with both hands. With a gi, I grab the collar instead.
I would of thought palm against the back of their head so you can add a little push. If the palm was facing you it would hurt you knuckles bending your hand the opposite way. To be honest, I hear the hand does not really matter. Rorion Gracie suggests to comb your second hand palm against their head till it gets behind. I think as long as you have the hand somewhere behind to add pressure it doesn't really matter. Once you expand your chest it should choke regardless.
yeah you can make the choke "hurt" a little more with the palm facing you but it wont really make a difference. If a choke is in, its in.
What's your style of grappling?

I ask beacuse in Judo you are'nt allowed to use the palm against the back of the neck as this is considered to be partly a neck crank, so they may have told you to use the back of your hand to conform to the rules. However, when you can get away with it I'd use the palm as you can apply a lot more pressure this way round.
i like to make a fist and press the thumbside to my chest and the pinkieside aginst the base of the head neer the neck. Add's a little presure and a little discomfort. I dont think it really matters which way you do seems to be a personal preference.