Chisora vs Charr Set to fight in march

Man I really want to see that guy succeed, I don't know why
I like it when he spits water at the champ, slaps his brother and brawls with fighters he doesn't belong in the ring with at press conferences. A true class act underdog story we can all relate to.
I feel the same way! The guy is a dick but I really want to see him in big fights and win.

Chisora has serious social disorders.

After watching him during the build up of the haye fight ( the uk 24/7 show forgot the name) chisora seemed like a nice guy but he just snaps and does dumb things especially in high stress moments.

He has done terrible things but if the guy can turn it around I would love too see it. I would love too see him fight his way back into another big fight.

But as far as the fight goes both guys will tałk trash and hype the fight up. But chisora will school Charr but due to pillow fist won't get a ko. But If chisora is out of shape or haye knocked the tuff out of him Charr has the ability to get a knockout he has ko power.

Intriguing hw fight hopefully more high profile guys will fight in 2013 I can see the winner of this fight facing price or fury.