Chimaev scamming people, gets caught

I don't understand anything about that message and vagina diagram lol. Is he essentially saying he was just posting an advert but had nothing to do with the business itself, and the guy has found that he actually bought up all the coins to manipulate the price then dumped them on his fans and walked away leaving the coin in chaos? A little Jordan Belfort pump and dump kind of scheme?
Guys like Khamzat and Khabib have life on easy mode.

All they need to do is create a big muslim fan base, call them "brothers" and then when they get to a point when they ask "How high?" when Khamzat and Khabib tell them to jump, create scams like this and make millions.
Anyone that got "scammed" by this BS deserved it, hope another fighter does the same, get some money from these retards.

Hmmm.. Idk man, for me it seems like making use of your celebrity status to shill a token and then dumping on your community who believes in you is pretty fucked up. Deserved/not deserved has nothing to do with it.
Imagine if I told you 3 years ago by this point, he’d have more crypto scams than wins over top middleweights.

This dude was supposed to be the second coming and smash everybody. Once he realized it’s a lot harder against higher ranked guys he turned to a Twitter trash talker and crypto scammer. Pathetic.

This lowly pullout merchant will never win shit. Burns exposed him but I was really looking forward to any top MW piecing him up.