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Chest/torso protection that works


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Jan 6, 2006
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I ordered the body shield from CSI, its four inches thick and wraps around the chest/stomach/ribs and its very bulky.

Problem is, punches and kicks still hurt through it, it makes very little difference. Ive seen fancy Windy ones for hundreds of $, are they an better?
Who is punching you that can negate the protective qualities of a four inch pad?
Mestizo said:
Who is punching you that can negate the protective qualities of a four inch pad?

Even the lightest punch feels hard. The guy that was hitting it las was 5-9, 170, average. That particular shield was discontinued, now they have thinner ones but with air pockets.
Maybe MMA/Kickboxing is not the sport for you then. Unless there was some major defect in production of that pad, I can't fathom why it would hurt that much. Maybe it's just to prevent any actual injury but it still hurts to get hit (I don't really know how that would work though). Still, that just seems bizarre.
I dont see why you'd ever need one of those protector thingy's.
The only reason you need a body protector is if you're training people, which, based on your lack of knowledge, you should not be. I understand you and your buddies are working strikes. Use the focus mitts and Thai pads. Use a belly protector for knee and body shots. The vest is designed to work WITH the focus mitts and thai pads. So if someone is kicking you in the side, you catch/trap it with the thai pads at the same time.
That being said, there are better protectors. Fairtex and Windy both make an excellent product, Ariesfightgear.com makes an equal value for less cash. The protector is not designed to keep you from feeling the hits, just to help, and that's a good thing. You dont want to get to comfortable taking kicks to the side without catching them first. Stick to just the pads, but if you insist on the protector, catch the kick with the thai pads first then the protector. PM me if you need anything more. Welcome to sherdog.
Ariesfightgear.com has some great products and the pricing is right. They used to make a really good gi but I haven't seen them around in ages.

That's funny, when I got a chance to visit CSI, Joe let me try out their body protector and I thought it was awesome! I strapped it on, and Joe gave me some body shots and I was amazed how well it protected. Maybe what I tried is the "new" version.

EDIT: This is the one I tried
my buddy just got the CSI body protector, I strapped it on and took a few shots the other day, my opinion is the same as bonecrusher's. It definitely absorbed the blows and the three strap system secures it firmly in place.