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    Back in 2006 there were hundreds of dogs that died suddenly from renal (kidney) failure. Ultimately they found that the cause was multiple types of dog food. It was the whey protein in the food being tainted by the Chinese manufacturer cutting the quality protein with ammonia or something. It was a way to fake the protein content. There is a test that a manufacturer can do to determine it.

    Most or all of whey and soy comes from China. My protein suppliment is very well known and very high quality. You would all know it. I sent them an e-mail and they were not testing for it.

    With lead paint, and poison in food, I would suggest that you send your suppliment company an e-mail to challenge them to test. I told mine that they are now aware of this and that if they did not test that they were negligent. It was BS but it got their attention. They can't say that they do not know now.

    Think about sending this type of letter. The Chinese growers knowingly hurt animals to make a buck. This was criminal. I do not think there was any pressure on them from the Chinese govt.

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