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Check out my Flyer for my new class!


Bravado Muay Thai Trainer
Oct 15, 2003
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That's a cool flyer! Is Stanton in Northern or Sounthern Cal?
looks good but maybe another font?

with the white background.....its a bit difficult to read.
I might try to invert the colors later today but I'm glad you guys like it. I just pretty much wanted to do a small thing but I had some fun with it.
I definitely concur on the font. Also, I might have faced the two guys towards each other as if they were getting ready to go at it, rather then going in opposite directions. For what its worth.
Create a Margin and change the typeface.
Yeah I'm trying to fix it now but to be honest. I don't have alot of experience with stuff like this. I spend most of the day running my classes and trying to fix up some stuff around the place. We're making headway though. Thanks all for the input.
I decided to stop messing around with it and go to class. Heres the final image I will be ordering. It looks easier to read on paper for some reason. Hope you guys like this a bit better, but it's not a big difference.
If you send it to me PM I can at least make it readable for you.
A good start. Got a lot of sext going on, real close to being crowded. Choice of font keeps all it from reading clearing as it should tho'. Coach's name at top could be a lot bigger since he's part of the attraction (and out of respect for him).

I would like the see the two Thai fighters bigger, as a full page lighter tint with text on top of them. Get that foreground, background thing going that can be read from a distance.
bad idea throwing in pricing in my idea, pricing is what turns people off before anything else you have to keep it short and sweet , just saying here is what we teach come in and try a class and then after they try it tell them about the prices because remember the first step is getting people through the door
The star wars font is a little distracting. Makes it hard to read imho.
font is kinda weird, with the k and hs looking to somiliar, pricing is strange to see on a flyer but good luck
Man I wished I fixed a few things before it went to the press but too bad so sad.