cheapest place to buy fuji bjj gi


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May 28, 2007
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ive been looking for a cheap place to buy a fuji bjj kimono, The cheapest I found was like $80, but I've been reading on here that people have been buying it for $59. Wheres the cheapest place to get this gi(including shipping)? preferably blue, size A1
The blue is $10 more expensive than the white.. Fuji gis have gone up a bit in price due to it's popularity, but even at that price, it's still a great deal....
they should make KidRobot gi's in purple and yellow with a big picture of a cartoon dog wearing an astronaut helmet.
I got mine at for $69 and forget what the added shipping was
I got mine at Budovideos too. Its great. Compared to my Giameness Pearl, I really like it much more. Its softer and is better quality IMO.
Good luck!
You might want to check out Honda Martial Arts Supply. I've picked up some pretty cheap double weave gi's there...I dont know if they carry Fuji.