Cheap weight gain diets/supplements


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Sep 14, 2003
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I'm 18, 5'10", and weigh 128 lbs. I'm damn skinny, and its a hard to keep weight on. I would like to know what are some affordable and good supplements for trying to gain weight. I just got a gym membership so I figured I should try to gain some weight, since I have been this thin all of my life.
Looking for something to complement food. I really don't have alot of money to buy certain foods that will last me like a week.
Weight gainers are mostly sugar and are expensive. You'll go from being the skinney kid to the fat kid, because nothing packs on fat faster than a lot of sugar every day.

You'll do better with food and some weight traininig. If you are worried about cost, buying a big jars of peanut butter and 2-3 loaves of wheat bread should set you on the path of weight gain. More calories and protein for the money. Eat 1-2 peanut butter sandwiches per day over what you already eat. This is cheap. Go to your gym and start on weight training. You'll gain muscle and like it.
Thanks I appreciate it. I was kind of getting nauseas with the idea of getting most of my meals from a powder. How much protein and calories do I need?
You prolly need as many calories as you can get. Also, you may want to set your clock, wake in the middle of the night, and have a sandwich or shake then as well.
You gotta eat to grow man. Visit the Strength and Power forum and get started on a lifting program. Eat like its your last meal every 2-3 hours. You can gain weight without supplements. Read the stickies.
Just a quick question, I know your protein intake should be your bodyweight in grams, but what does your carb and fat intake need to be? Or does it really matter?
Since you're just getting started, once you are getting adequate protein, you basicly just need to address your total caloric needs.

If you are maintaining your weight on your current caloric intake, take that and add 500 cals a day. This should put you on a slow gain. If you still aren't gaining, add another 500 cals/day.

Aim for about a pound a week. More than that is just going to be additional fat beyond the bulk (mix of fat and muscle) you'd gain at a pound a week.

PB&J's and tuna are your friends for cheap protein and calories here.
Oatmeal with milk for breakfast helps too. 1 cup oats + 2 cups skim milk = 500 cals (use whole milk for more fat and calories if you want).