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Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by Snowfist, Feb 4, 2018.

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    About 5 months ago I switched from squatting, deadlifting, benching, and OH press with a few complimentary lifts to an entirely new routine. For the 5 months I pretty much worked out every day, sometimes twice a day. In place of lifting I have been doing the following activities:

    Battle ropes (5 sets of 25ish seconds)
    Kettlebell swings (3 sets of 30)
    Box jumps (3 sets of 30)
    Boxing (mitts and heavy bag)
    Skipping (at least 30 minutes a day. I’ve got really good at skipping intensely with cross overs and sprints and side to side/ forward movements and sprints)
    Rowing (usually do a 2k or two 1ks but I switch it up)
    Running (around 3 miles)

    Basically I really like the change and I wanted to share with people here.

    Some effects I’ve noticed...
    I’m noticeably less toned but also larger (I gained 7 pounds from 200 to 207).
    I am far more agile.
    I am significantly more coordinated.
    I used to do 5x5 deadlifts with 3 plates a side...I now can only manage 5x5 300 pounds (I tested a couple of times this week)
    My core is a lot softer because the big lifts tightened it up and I don’t due anywhere near enough ab work

    Only question for the forum would be...if I was to continue with this routine and mix in a few lifts how would you recommend organizing workout days based on recovery and muscle groups?

    I think the biggest flaw in my routine is I just do whatever I feel like and put more emphasis on specific exercises on specific days at random.

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    first define your goals then pick a sound routine.

    i would do a minimalist approach if you wanna regain some strength and still do all your other stuff.

    monday: squat, bench, row
    friday: deadlift, press, pull up

    5x5 is ok. 3 warm up sets and 2 heavyish work sets e.g. just follow the progression for some months.
    start easy and include all the other stuff according to your recovery abilities.

    also your diet makes you more or less fat, not certain exercises.
    some workouts burn more calories than others but most of the time if you lose "tone" you just ate more calories over the long haul.
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    melbourne, australia
    Are you saying you want to work on your strength and conditioning at the same time?

    Look up rosstraining or tactical barbell and do what those say.

    Nopw you can lift and do conditioning...
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  4. NurseKnuckles

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    Brockville, Ontario
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    Less toned and gained weight from HIIT and running. Are you eating more because your working harder? I’m confused.

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