% Chance of Dustin hitting a gilly on Islam


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Mar 23, 2023
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What are the statistical chances of Dustin hitting a successful guillotine on Islam?
Guillotines are not some unusual submissions in MMA, and despite many things going in favor of Islam we CANNOT underestimate the potential for a guillotine submission to end the fight.
As they say even a broken clock is right twice a day
It's the fans fault that he thinks they'll work, they told him he nearly finished Khabib with one and he believed it despite anyone who's more than a white belt in BJJ could see that would never get finished.


You believe that?
Islam barely shoots onto the legs really. Uses more clinch trips and throws. Gonna be hard to even get his head in that position unless Dustin hurts him first

Islam uses single legs a ton. The double leg he uses far less often but we saw him make midfight adjustments and time a couple slick double legs on Volk that caught the Aussie completely off guard. Regardless, I don't think he's at all concerned with Poiriers Guillotine, probably a lot more concerned with being able to avoid exchanging in boxing range at literally all cost.
Honestly with all the talk about how he keeps failing gillys Islam could underestimate it completely and just leave his neck out there for way too long and get caught.

Reminds me of Shogun vs Chael. I just don't think Shogun respected Chael's BJJ what so ever so he just left his neck out there in the open to be snatched and Chael grabbed it.