Chai Yai Gym is looking for a BJJ instructor


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Jun 7, 2004
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Chai Yai gym, a famous gym in chiang mai, is left with no bjj instrctor after their former one a brown belt left in mid Aug 2007. It is looking for a new coach.

Applicants should be brown belts and above and if you are of wrestling state or mention experience and achievements.

You may be attached for a month with an option to extend.

You may be offered USD $1000 a month for teaching 3-4 hours of privates 6 days a week, on top of 1.5 hrs of group class a day for which there will be additional money depending on the number of students

You may be offered free training in muay thai plus accommodation plus food.

Countries like australia, usa, canada etc are exempt from the need for visa for 30 days, so all you need is passport and air ticket and off you are ready to go.

for visa exempted countries refer to:

This is especially suitable for those who have been looking forward to train in a MT camp anyways.

Those who are interested can private message me.