Chad Mendes vs Manny Gamburyan at UFC 157

Chad by UD, a step up in competition but was hoping hed take a bigger one, guess he really wants to stay busy and get that Anderson money
Damn, they are never gonna give Manny a soft ball, are they?
Big step up in competition for Mendes, he's been smashing jobbers since the Aldo loss. I still think he'll win this one though.
Chad keeps it smart, he should take this.
Big test for Manny..... War Manny I guess but I dont think he will, Im am pulling for him though
Mendes should be able to control the clinch for most of the fight and get the unspectacular UD imo. But don't count out Anvel connecting with a huge KO punch. Great fight imo. Gamburyan is about the level of fighter Mendes should have gotten immediately after his misstep against Aldo.
lol at this matchup, give Mendes someone in the top 5-10 already.. Jesus!! What's Manny? Top 30-40?
Mendes needs a top 10 opponent and anything less is not good enough. He's fighting guys way below him in the rankings when he probably is the #2 featherweight.
Puzzling match-up for reasons already stated, but oftentimes I find myself doubting less after the actual fight. But this is nevertheless a head scratcher.

I think it means the UFC doesn't want Mendes to fight for the title again anytime soon.
After two squash matches they set Mendes up with a 3rd? Manny got dropped by Omigawa what do you think Mendes would do to him? Probably another KO.
IMO, this is a mismatch. Too high for Manny and too low on the ladder for Chad.

But since not a lot of top FW opponents are available maybe he wants to stay busy.
Makes little sense and style wise I don't see manny giving mendes trouble. Dias was a better fight but whatever. Manny gets fed to the sharks all the time. I guess the UFC is just keeping chad busy with highlight reel fights til Aldo vacates.