Economy CFPB Under Biden to Remove ALL Medical Debt From Credit Reports

Nah, going by the Overton Window what we think of as "left" is center-right in places with much more healthy political discourse.
That's a common myth, but there's no factual basis for it.

This Country has been plagued, since its inception, by the wealthy class eroding democracy to protect their interests.
Well, except that democracy has been expanding almost since the beginning.
Its counter-intuitive to the core principal of leftism, which is egalitarianism. It's easy to say that the idea of market economics is or can be leftist, just as anarcho-capitalism once was, until you start justifying the existence of economic heirarchies.
A well-functioning market erodes hierarchies, though.
There has been increased leftism among the working class, and like always that's being pushed down at every turn. From big media coverage of protests, to anti-Union practices, to an entire party suggesting dismantling the Administrative State.
How are you defining "working class" here?
there is, and you know that there is. I won't bother citing it because you never address nor refute my academic citations let alone support your own positions with counter citations
The one time you presented evidence, it was a link to an article about a poorly executed and widely discredited study, and I linked the same publication that you cited publicizing it later acknowledging that fact. So this appears to be a fabrication on your part.

In fact, if you look more broadly, you'll see that even studies that go against the grain on this (and find some effect) usually preference their work by acknowledging that most researchers don't agree with them.
Lefties just need to accept that there's no going back.

You guys couldn't suck corporate big pharmacy cock hard enough during covid and now you want to go back to being anti establishment rebels.

Sorry. That ship has sailed.

When we actually needed you guys to be the thing you pretend to be, you tucked your dicks between your legs and bent the knee.

It's over.
Praising people for saving lives = sucking big pharma cock

Take your meds, dude
Funny. Seeing a lot of Republicans over the past week trying to brand not having kooky beliefs as "pro-establishment" or something more vulgar. Creationists are the new socialists in GOP branding.
You understand how our existence, economy and general structure is tied to American decision making?

It's not as bizarre as you make it out. And considering most of us know WAY more about American history than your own citizens, I'd suggest taking some of it with love and respect! Your gain and stability is ours too, so we certainly have a vested interest in American success.
That's why Canadian support for Donald Trump is bizarre, to say the least.
That's why Canadian support for Donald Trump is bizarre, to say the least.
Yeah, I'd think Canadians would want sane policy and a strong economy. But Canadians who post here just want their cultural grievances recognized by American politicians.