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Jul 15, 2005
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sorry if this topic was done already i couldn't find the answer in search ... anyway i just got my first cauli on the side of my right ear, question is does it go away by itself if i wear earguards or something for a week (if so how long does it take) or do i have to get it drained right away its not that bad right now but there's def some starting to come up
The good news is chicks dig cauliflower ear, the bad news is you have it forever. If you want to do anything about it you have to drain it immediatly, I recommend a doctor. A lot of people will say do it youself or let a friend do it. All I have to say is would you cut your own hair or let a friend do it? No you go to someone who gets paid to do it. So go to the doctor's. Chances are it will stay at least partially. Welcome to the club.
You need to have it drained right away otherwise if the fluid isn't drained it will stay like that. If your worried about it getting any worse just use a wrestling headgear.
this may sound stupid but could it just be bruising or how can you tell if its cauli for sure?
say i wanna do it myself is there a "proper" way to do it or will sticking a needle in and squeezing it out do the job?
Not too long ago I had my ear drained 3 times in 3 weeks by 3 different people. I know a few guys that have drained it themselves... but I personally wouldn't.

I think that the fluid starts to harden after 3-4 days. As long as it is soft and warm, draining should help. However, my ear looked better after my third time than after my first time - the last doctor did the best job.
I attempted to have my drained and since i'm up at school in bumblefuck NY the doctor did a botch job. I have a thread in this forum right now with pictures of my ear if you wanna check it out.
how would you drain it yourself though i don't have med insurance so if its not that big a diff i'd rather save the dough
Dude that's kind of reckless training without medical insurance. I'd rather not compete without it especially in sports like wrestling or bjj. You got to take care of yourself man. You might be able to convince your coach or sensai to drain your ear for you, but it will hurt and be a horrible job! I suggest you just pay for the doctor's visit and skip some other things for the time being... and invest in a good heargear.
FStep said:
how would you drain it yourself though i don't have med insurance so if its not that big a diff i'd rather save the dough
If you'd rather save money then don't drain it yourself. Having to go on antibiotics to clear up a Staff infection because some bacteria got in there from home will be more expensive then getting it drained in a Doctor's office.

The chepest solution is to wear ear guards/avoid training untill it ceases to hurt. You may end up with worse ears than Randy Couture if you keep training without letting the ear heal. You will end up deformed if you do the drain yourself and it gets severly infected.

Congrats on your ear man! Wear it with honor.
Don't drain it, you will waste your money because it will come right me. I put ice on it for about 20 min a day and within a week is down as much as you will get it..even better than draining it in my opinion.
Im getting a little on my driver side ear.. It just gets soar and is forever hard..
I didnt even notice it untill one day i brushed my hand across my ear and it hurt a little. Then i started feeling around to discover a hard part where there wasnt before. Its hardly noticble to other people but i can feel it with my fingers.

Im getting a set of Cliff Keen Tornados soon.. my ear is bugging me and i dont want the cauli so im catching it early.
i have never met a chick a chick who digs cauli flower ear.

maybe if BJJ was a national sport then we'd see chicks diggin that ish but its not so we dont
Does anyone have any suggestions on brands/models of headgear that they like or don't like? Thanks
Aside from wearing the head gear, are there any precautions that one can take to avoid cauliflower ear?
I thought I was starting to get it once, and everyone at the gym just happened to notice without me saying anything..and they all told me I should go get it drained...

I said fuck it,and my ear was slightly hardened, a little swollen, and sore for a wek, but it went away...

I wouldn't imagine many people would be that lucky though, so go get it drained.
Drain it yourself. There's nothing medically difficult about it, and there are more bacteria in a doctor's office than in your home. (Be sure to use antiseptic and antibiotic ointment.) Just get a new syringe and poke away where it's puffy. The key thing is to keep draining it and putting pressure on it after you do. If you drain it once and leave it alone, it will fill right back up. The best thing is a nose clamp like synchronized swimmers wear.

Ideally, your ears will become SLIGHTLY cauliflowered: just enough to impress other grapplers and the kind of chick who digs that sort of thing, but without grossing out the kind of chick who doesn't.
Chicks HATE cauli. Don't kid yourself.

Btw, the fluid doesn't harden. Over a few days, scar tissue forms in the fluid gap between the skin and the cartilage. That scar tissue then stays. You can't drain it.

It is possible to "smash" the scar tissue down in its early stages by pressing it between your fingers, keeping the ear fluid, until the swelling goes down. I do this for small caulis. I always check my ears after each practice, and if there is a small cauli, I make sure it does not harden with scar tissue.

Bigger caulis are a bitch to deal with because they keep continuously filling up with fluid.