carnal Salvations Vs PunkMother in fight shocker


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Jul 19, 2002
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Ok, it's about time two heavyweights of the 'Off Topic Board' had a ding dong. So, who will win....

For those of you in the dark see the 'greatest Athlete ever' stream ..

I'm going for Punky, I reckon he's dead 'Ard ..
Carnal is a heavyweight of the Off-Topic? I must have disappeared for too long.

I don't think this will be that interesting of a battle.
nope, not very interesting at fact im off to work...

i will be back later to see what my fellow "heavyweight" had to say...
I'm agreeing with Vod, Carnal is like the Larry Holmes type heavyweight in OT.
Carnal Salvation for Christ's sake J keep up!
Carnal is a oldies but a goodie! Respect your elders!
and Carnal Salvation is who exactly?
I have a fuzzy recollection of some random goat fucking no one....

as a side note Hilts you are not Michael Buffer announcing the fight of the century, you are a complete waste of space, think before you post dick splash
J-You know Carnal, Posting pics of his chubby girlfriend in the hopes someone would confirm his bad taste, "I'm a satanist!", I think women should stand up and fight men toe to toe!. Dave is my hero! Carnal fuckin Salvation!
Man I really have no beef with punkmother, I gave him shit, he gave me shit. Not really a big deal to me.

It seems like everybodies gotten pissed off at me lately though, what's the deal with that?

Christ is right by the way (shit I NEVER thought I'd say that) I used to be a major poster, but since sherdog switched to this board it's dwindled a lot.
carnal = bisexual hojak worshiper

that is all i know of the guy...and that is direct from the anti site
hahahaha whoa there Razor easy now the veins in your forehead are starting to throb furiously no doubt.

Yeah i got you know, my mistake
yeah who is this hilts guy with 17 posts trying to come in here and arrange fights?

FTYD, he said you invited him...
Ya, must be the guy from the romo club I deliver pizza to.
Everyone knows that Money is the fucking Off Topic champion. Punkmother is Money's bitch. Hell, Money has dethroned the mighty Hojak as the king of off topic.

I say we see HOJAK versus MONEY if you want the REAL brawl to go down! Hojak is the face, Money the heel. Will Hojak save Off Topic from the evil Money? Tune in next week, folks!

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